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Hotel Zum Stern
Weitmoserstrasse 33
A-5630 Bad Hofgastein

T: +43-6432-8450
F: +43-6432-8450-85

Wellness Hotel Gastein

... and suddenly, heaven is so near!
Cosmetic body treatments in the soft pack lounger

Enjoy weightless
Stern’s water bed is a heavenly place to relax. Constant heat enables the body to absorb just the right nurturing ingredients, backed up of course by busy helpers from Mother Nature’s garden: chamomile, hay flower, jojoba, lavender and Gastein alpine herbs...
These precious ingredients are applied to your body, which is then wrapped in a fleece and delightfully submerged in a soft pack lounger. Prepare to float weightlessly above the water, kick back, relax and dream for the 20 – 35 minutes of the treatment.

Fango pack in fleece pillow
Loosens up the muscles, relieves rheumatic complaints and spinal problems; the perfect preparation for a revitalising massage or a treatment of Stern’s back prevention.
25 mins €  26,-
Fango intensive nature
careful application to various parts of the body
40 mins €  38,-
Hay flower pack in fleece pillow
feeling of hovering and relieves cramps, good arthritic complaints
25 mins €  26,-
Hay flower pack – loose hay
detoxify your body and relieve tension
25 mins €  32,-

Petal packs
feel relaxed and pampered with lavender, chamomile, rose or orange petals.
Invigorates your senses and rejuvenates your skin

25 mins €  26,-

Medicinal chalk pack
soft peeling, absorption of the chalk stimulates your metabolism and circulation

35 mins €  26,-

Cleopatra milk & oil pack
highly precious ingredients moisturise and nurture the skin for silky soft and beautiful skin

35 mins €  34,-

Evening primrose oil cream pack
intensive care for mature and dry skin

35 mins €  46,-

Laminaria marine algae pack
Laminaria algae have more skin-active ingredients than any other natural product. It stores minerals and trace elements from the sea in a highly concentrated form and from them it produces special algal ingredients that it uses as a shield against any harmful effects - such as free radicals. Stimulates your metabolism as well as detoxing and draining your skin, as a result your body assumes a firm and beautiful silhouette.

35 mins €  34,-