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Your holiday hotel for your health spa in Bad Hofgastein

A health spa with many effects

Healing Cave Special January und February

The Healing Cave of Gastein has great offers for January and February. Combine your skiing holiday with some soothing hours in the Healing Cave and allow your health a sustained recovery.

Take 3 - pay 2
3 visits in the Healing Cave at the price of 2 - € 137,40 (instead of € 206,10)

Take 6 - pay 4
6 visits in the Healing cave at the price of 4 - € 247,80 (instead of € 408,40)

For centuries, the elements of air, water and earth have been used for healing purposes in Gastein. The

  • radon-enriched air,
  • the heat of healing thermal waters and
  • the ideal altitude of the Gastein Valley

combined a powerful healing energy, unique in the world.
They are the ideal combination for your healing spa vacation in Salzburg.

Your competent partner

As a holiday hotel with high recreational value, we are not a "Kurhotel", but combine two values - spa and relaxation - with a large expertise at the highest degree. Your spa is in good hands with us:

  • you live in a spacious room with a balcony and stunning views
  • we make the appointments for admission to the Gastein healing caves, and for the medical examinations
  • we arrange for the transfers to and from the healing caves
  • and put together your treatment plan
  • we prepare your diet wishes (reduction, lactose-free, gluten-free, …)
  • Tranquility is important! But also excursions to the Gastein nature - we advise you, give you tips.
  • all treatments are available at the Hotel, except for:
    radon, thermal water, and physiotherapy

These elements create a perfect spa vacation with benefits in one of the best resorts in Austria located in the unique area of Bad Hofgastein. The spa center of Hotel Zum Stern will take care of your body and soul health during your holiday in the magnificent mountains of Austria.

The three elements of the Gastein Cure

The air in Gastein is clear, crisp and clean. Often, the spa physician will prescribe the remedy "Terrainkur“ = Go for a walk in the fresh air. Conscious breathing in and out, watching the bustle of the leaves in the wind or watching the passing clouds, - the element air inspires you. Take your family on a health holiday in Bad Hofsgastein and avail yourself of the therapeutic opportunities that this unique nature provides.
At the STERN: guided hikes take place 3 to 4 times a week, 1 x per week we go Nordic Walking
The water as a cleansing and healing element. It soothes when you watch the mountain stream run, listen to its ripples plashing. It stimulates the circulation when you walk barefoot on the wet morning grass. The Gastein thermal water heals:
The earth has an indescribable richness of nature. To move in the natural landscape with all its wealth of plants brings out feelings of happiness. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Get to know this wonderful feeling, you experience it in your spa in the Gastein Valley!