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An entrance to the healing radon galleries in Bad Gastein

A pleasant healthy experience

Healing Cave Special January und February

The Healing Cave of Gastein has great offers for January and February. Combine your skiing holiday with some soothing hours in the Healing Cave and allow your health a sustained recovery.

Take 3 - pay 2

3 visits in the Healing Cave at the price of 2 - € 137,40 (instead of € 206,10)

Take 6 - pay 4

6 visits in the Healing cave at the price of 4 - € 247,80 (instead of € 408,40)

Some curiosity, almost a little adventure. But most of the visitors are looking for and find in the warm tunnel junctions in Bad Gastein the relief of pain and discomfort. Think about a health vacation in the Gastein Valley with long-lasting cure success.

What goes on in an entrance to the tunnels?

The galleries’ train runs about 2.5 km into the mountain. The heat and high humidity cause an overheating of the body to 38º Celsius, the radon intake is increased. The natural noble gas radon stimulates, through its short-term stimulus rays, the metabolism of cells. You rest for about 40 minutes during the therapy in the warm tunnel junctions/treatment stations and absorb an absolutely healthy dose of noble gas radon through your skin and your breathing. Afterwards, a rest period of at least half an hour is required. Total time required is about 3 hours.

Per week max. 4 entrances possible, the optimal length of treatment is three weeks with ten to twelve tunnel entrances for a best possible successful treatment. The different temperatures and humidity levels in the individual treatment stations allow an individual adaptation of treatment to the particular disease and the heat tolerance of the patient.

The three active and healing factors at alpine altitude:

  • Heat with an air temperature from 37.0 to 41.5° C
  • relative humidity of 70 to almost 100%
  • natural radon content (44 kBq/m³ tunnel air)

Taster / Introductory entrance to the Gastein healing cave

Get to know the radon galleries. The duration of the initial entrance is about 2 1/2; Hours.
After a brief medical examination you will receive, in word and film, information on the effect of the “Heilstollen”-therapy. Then the train moves in the interior of the mountain to your therapy station, in which you will stay about 30 minutes, absolute peace is necessary.

You will need:
bathing suits, bathrobes, slippers, small towel

A registration is necessary. From then on, everything goes automatically, you are exposed to a cross-contained circuit.

Drink plenty of fluids before the entrance, fruit juice or mineral water, preferably non-carbonated water, never alcohol.