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STERN prevention of back tension

Are you one of those people with back discomfort or pain in the neck?
Especially those who sit a lot or have a high professional and family responsibilities, suffer such strain. Chronic back and neck pain, hip or knee pain, fatigue and headache have their origin, in most cases, in the muscles and spine.

Treatment concepts

In STERN we have put together a particularly effective treatment for you: the STERN back prevention includes the myofascial treatment. The innovative Myofascial application is not a massage in the traditional style.
Through targeted deep tissue treatment, hardening and muscle tensions are released and the spine is stretched. Joints blockades are released. The entire spine is also released by rotating movements combined with breathing techniques, guided by Iveta.

Main goals of treatment
The mobility of the connective tissue is improved and the flexibility of the surrounding muscles relieves and prevents pain.

Significant effects
„When the muscles are back in balance, physical activity and sport are easier; the regeneration phases in your free time occur earlier and last longer. You feel stronger and the ability to concentrate increases. In the end the STERN back prevention brings a sustainable improvement of well-being.“ Iveta

Myofacial treatment
in muscle overstraining and stiffness, stress, chronic pain syndrome -. intensive treatment for the entire spine to release tension through breathing exercises and rotating movements, the muscles are relaxed
50 min. € 65.00

More massages

Sterns back massage
let go, delightfully relaxing
25 min. € 30.00

Aroma oil massage
enjoy gentle relaxation with a stimulating massage with essential oils
of your choice
25 min. € 35.00
50 min. € 60.00

Full body massage
intensive massage for the entire body
50 min. € 50.00

self-healing powers of the organs are activated on the reflex points on instep and sole
25 minutes. € 30.00

Combined massage
a combination of foot reflexology and back massage
50 min. € 55.00

Sports massage
strengthens legs and back, to regenerate the muscle fibers and mitigate muscle ache
25 min. € 32.00

Dorn-Breuss treatment
mobilizing the spine in acute discomfort and pelvic disalingment with precious St. John's Wort oil.
Part Dorn or Breuss treatment 25 min. € 35.00
Dorn-Breuss treatment 50 min. € 60.00

Cupping - "elephants kisses"
an ancient form of treatment, greatly improves blood circulation. Connective tissue is purified and neutralized and the metabolism stimulated. Ideal for strong tensions.
Partial massage with cupping 25 min. € 35.00
Back massage and cupping 50 min. € 60.00

Lymphatic drainage
The lymphatic circulation is stimulated and the body unblocked and purified through the gentle massage technique. Fluid retention are reduced, immune system strengthened.
Partial massage (legs, hands or back) 25 min. € 35.00
Full massage 50 min. € 60.00

Honey massage
detoxifies the body, harmonizes the lymphatic flow, improves the skin blood circulation
(important: before treatment no sauna, herbal wrap or swimming)
25 min. € 32.00

Ear candle treatment
for colds, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or migraine, tinnitus, stimulates blood circulation, relaxation through pressure relief
25 min. € 27.00
50 min. € 50.00

Lomi Lomi Nui
For tiredness and tension. This Hawaiian temple massage brings life energy flowing. You feel internal harmony, physical and emotional blockages are removed, the body can totally relax.
80 min. including resting time € 95.00

Hot Stone Massage
A combination of massage and energy treatment, ideal for insomnia and digestive problems. The healing power of heat in connection with oil and special massage techniques to solve persistent tension and pain points.
Full 50 min. € 65.00
Back 25 min. 35.00

Shiatsu massage
treatments on the mat on the floor (please wear lightweight sportswear) body energy flow and natural self-healing powers are activated, pressure treatment with fingers, hands, elbows and knees, through stretching and gentle touch energetic blockades are dissolved, anti-stress massage, especially effective for mental stress.
80 min. € 95.00
50 min. € 55.00

Pregnancy Massage
Particularly during pregnancy, a massage can help relieve tension, back pain and stress symptoms. Enjoy it!
This massage can be carried out from 4th to 7th and the 9th month. (No massage in the 1st to 3rd and 8th month possible)
25 min. € 25.00
50 min. € 50.00

Baby massage
Something very special for babys and parents! Baby massages relax, soothe and promote trust. Muscle tone is improved, the immune system strengthened and digestion stimulated. The relaxing massage also has a positive effect on the sleep-wake rhythm
25 min. € 25.00

Prices subject to change.

You have already found your favorite massage. You can book a massage before your arrival, just send us a e-mail with desired times and we prepare everything for you.