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Hiking license

The hiking license © Hiking Hotel - best alpine

We, your hosts, are passionate hikers and hike with you 3-4 times per week. On our tours we have discovered many unique places, natural wonders and mysteries from the Gastein mountains. Hiking and mountaineering are versatile sports. The possibilities range from a walk through leisure hikes and moderate climbing to climbing on via ferratas and routes of varying difficulty. Even in ancient times the Gastein valley was an important transit route over the Alps.

The hiking license

Hiking is a confrontation with nature and the landscape. But how does it really work?
You have completed a swimming course, skiing lessons and cross-country skiing course - but where does one learns hiking? Is it really necessary? We invite all beginners and those wishing to learn, to our Hiking Hotel Zum Stern, to learn the 10 Steps to Hiking Bliss, in theory and, of course, in practice.

The "small “ art of hiking is taught quickly, you feel more confident and soon you can start your own hiking tour, arrive, discover and enjoy. Our hiking guides will show you how you can find your rhythm in the mountains, feel yoourself again and consciously perceive the mountains. In a one-day course, which concludes with the award of the license and the hiking guide "The Small Art of Hiking", you will learn everything about proper behavior in the mountains. We give you tips on the right equipment, planning and preparation, weather conditions, orientation in the field, as well as safety and proper meals.

The Hotel Zum Stern holds the Austrian hiking Seal of Quality and brings, as a member of the Wanderhotels best alpine expertise and experience around the topic hiking in the beautiful Gastein Valley in Salzburg.

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The authenticity of the landscape, the conviviality and typical hospitality make us feel, always, the best moments of the mountain summer. Fragrant herbs, clear mountain lakes, here a bubbling spring, there a whistling marmot. Nature invites you! Do you know the Gastein Radon Healing Galleries and their unique effects on health?