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Pure radiance with Bad Hofgastein beauty treatments

Those who do something good for themselves can fully unwind

Our house is as unique as people are. Cosseting beauty treatments in Bad Hofgastein make our beauty visible. Pleasing oil gushes, soothing aromas and high-quality products. We treat you with lots of feeling, bring health and well-being back to your body and soul.

Take some time for yourself during your spa vacation in Gastein.

Facial treatments

Stern’s Classic
Face-care for balanced and radiant skin.
50 min. € 69

Stern’s De Luxe
An individual treatment tailored to the needs of the skin for a delicate and fresh complexion, with "Superior" eye mask, penetrating Masque Modellage and hand massage.
80 min. € 98

Stern’s Intensive
This deeply cleansing facial treatment, recommended especially for problem skin, ensures intensive cleaning and visible relief of reddened skin. The skin's appearance is improved, blemishes are reduced.
50 min. € 75
80 min. € 98

Stern’s Care
Cleansing, peeling and mask
25 min. € 33

relaxing facial mask

Stern’s Quick Lift
A tautening expert treatment for mature, demanding skin, strengthens the tissues, gives elasticity.
50 min. € 80

Face, décolleté and neck massage
With cleansing, peeling and day care, pure relaxation
25 min. € 33

Plaster mask
Firming, balancing contours, ideal effect of the serum through the plaster
40 min. € 39

Special eye mask "out-beaming the stars"
Cleansing and eye mask, reduction of wrinkles and minor swelling
25 min. € 29

For Gentlemen "Man, you're beautiful"
Facial and spa treatment specifically aimed at men's skin, with professional care, new vigor for a dapper appearance
55 min. € 75

Sensitive Man
With cleansing, steam peeling, facial cleansing, massage, mask
80 min. € 98

For your hands and feet

Hand pack with paraffin and peeling
25 min. € 22

Foot pack with paraffin and peeling
25 min. € 30

45 min. € 38

SPA manicure
Nail care, hand peeling, hand massage and warm paraffin hand pack
60 min. € 60

50 min. € 48

SPA pedicure
Foot care, foot peeling, foot massage and warm paraffin pack
70 min. € 65

Nail polishing
15 min. € 9

French nail polishing
25 min. € 15


Our beautician chooses products fitting your individual skin type for all Bad Hofgastein beauty treatments.

Eyelash dyeing
20 min. € 10

Eyebrow dyeing
15 min. € 8

Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing
20 min. € 16

Eyebrow shaping
15 min. € 9

beauty peeling
relaxing hand massage

Peeling - velvety and soft

A peeling supports the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The skin’s own collagen and elastin production is activated, the appearance of the pores is visibly reduced. The depth of wrinkles may be reduced. The effect of body treatments is increased through a peeling, the skin’s absorption of active ingredients is optimized.

Salt & oil peeling
Warm, gentle peeling for purification, stimulates the blood circulation
20 min. € 35

Full-body peeling
Frees the skin of exfoliated cells, leaves behind a well-groomed skin sensation
30 min. € 44

Prices subject to change.

You’d like to do something good for your skin? Book your Bad Hofgastein beauty treatments and Bad Hofgastein cosmetic treatments and your times of choice together with your vacation inquiry!


Full legs
30 min. € 38

Legs up to knees
15 min. € 24

Facial hairs, upper lip, chin
10 min. € 9

20 min. € 16

Bikini area
20 min. € 16

Chest for the groomed man
30 min. € 25

Back for the groomed man
30 min. € 25

Sie möchten Ihrer Haut etwas Gutes tun? Buchen Sie bereits jetzt Ihre Beauty-Behandlung in Gastein und Ihre Wunschzeit mit Ihrer Urlaubsanfrage!