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Body treatments in Hotel Zum Stern, Bad Hofgastein

Total body relaxation in the water floating bed

In Stern‘s water bed, you may heavenly relax and truly experience presssure-free floating.

Surrounded by a steady warmth, the body receives, wrapped in a fleece, the luxurious care additives, naturally with diligent helpers from nature: camomile, hay flower, jojoba, lavender, Gastein alpine herbs etc.

Pure release in Wellness Hotel in Bad Hofgastein.

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Our body care offers

Fango mudpack in fleece pillow
Loosens the muscles, relieves rheumatic pain and spinal problems, the optimal preparation for a revitalizing massage or applications under the STERN back prevention
25 min. € 34.00

Fango intensive
Targeted application to the different aching parts of the body
25 min. € 34.00

Hayflowers in fleece pillow
Is calming and antispasmodic, suggested for arthritic complaints
25 min. € 32.00

Flower pack
Be pampered and relaxed with lavender, chamomile, rose or orange blossoms,
stimulates your senses and has a high regenerating value for your skin.
25 min , € 32.00

Healing chalk pack
Gentle exfoliation, stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, is ideal for skin problems -
cleans and cares at the same time
40 min. € 38.00

Evening primrose oil cream pack
Balancing and moisturizing, suitable for problem skin, for mature and dry skin
35 min. € 46.00

Laminaria seaweed wrap
The Laminaria alga contains more skin active ingredients than any other natural product. It stores minerals and trace elements from the sea in highly concentrated form and builds, with special algae active ingredients, a shield against harmful influences - such as free radicals. The laminaria algae extract makes the skin firmer and smoother, it purifies and drains.
35 min. € 34.00

Is your desired treatment here? Fine! We can book your body pack in advance. Just send us an
e-mail or call us at +43-6432-8450

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