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Ways to the prescription of a Gastein Cure

German health insurance providers authorize inpatient (stay + applications) and outpatient treatments (applications only). The decision is made by your family doctor and your health insurance provider. With some providers, there are direct billing agreements. The best information is available directly from the “Gasteiner Heilstollen” itself.
At STERN we carriy out predominantly outpatient treatments. The prescribed treatments that we carry out in our health department, you pay together with your departure statement. At home you get reimbursement of the prescribed cure costs, according to the conditions of your health insurance provider. Austrian health insurance providers have different settlement methods and conditions.

How does it all work on-site?

The Gastein Radon Therapy is prescribed by a Gastein spa physician, who will thoroughly examine you before the treatment. Be sure to bring any lab reports, etc.
In addition to admissions to the healing radon galleries, the Gastein Radon cure includes:

  • radon thermal baths, which may be taken daily,
  • Radon thermal underwater therapies
  • Radon extractor baths
  • drinking cures: in the drinking cures with radon-enriched water, radon is absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract

Most important is the combination of the different therapies with plenty of rest! In the case of chronic diseases the radon therapy can bring no cure. However, it contributes significantly to the relief of symptoms. As a rule, repetition of the treatment is indicated every one to three years. Radon therapy is not suitable for:

  • people with an overactive thyroid
  • in patients with claustrophobia
  • heart problems and high blood pressure

Take time for a cure in Salzburg’s Gastein. Can we answer any additional questions? We look forward to talking with you +43-6432-8450

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