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Spa massage in Bad Hofgastein

Stern’s back issue prevention

Do something good for yourself and your body with a massage in Bad Hofgastein. Active back issue prevention and trained grips for holistic health and well-being cause lasting improvement of acute ailments.


Stern’s back massage
Let go, delightfully relaxing
25 min. € 32,00

Aroma oil massage
Enjoy gentle relaxation with a stimulating massage with essential oils of your choice
25 min. € 35,00
50 min. € 65,00

Full-body massage
Intensive massage for the entire body
50 min. € 60,00

Hot stone massage
A massage and an energy treatment. Ideal for sleep disor- ders and digestive problems, together, hot stones dipped in oil and the special mas- sage technique are able to relieve persistent aches and painful areas.
full body massage 50 min. € 72,00
back massage      25 min.  € 38,00

Purposeful reflexology dissolves blockages
25 min. € 35,00

Combined massage
A combination of reflexology and back massage
50 min. € 65,00

Sports massage
Strengthens legs and back suffering from aching muscles, to regenerate the muscle strands
Legs        25 min.  € 35,00
Full body  50 min. € 65,00

Brush massage
25 min. € 32,00

25 min. € 35,00

Lymphatic Drainage
The lymphatic flow is stimulated throughout the body and the gentle massage technique helps to detoxify and purify. Accumulation of water will be reduced. This treatment strengthens the body's immune system. 
partial body (legs, hands, back or face) 25 min. € 35,00
full body 50 min. € 65,00

The body's own flow of energy and natural self-healing powers are activated; pressure treatment with fingers, hands, elbows and knees; by stretching and gentle touch energy blockages are smoothed away; anti-stress massage, especially effective in cases of mental overwork.
50 min. € 65,00

Cupping - Kisses from elephant
This ancient form of treatment is ideal for providing a serious boost to the circulation. Body tissue becomes purified and neutralised while the metabolism is stimulated. Ideal for relieving acute tension and cellulite.
partial body massage with cupping 25 min. € 35,00
back massage and cupping 50 min. € 65,00

Honey-cinnamon massage
Detoxifies the body, harmonizes the lymphatic flow, improves skin blood circulation
(important: no sauna, herbal wrap or swimming before the treatment)
25 min. € 42,00

Ear candle treatment
Ideal for various colds, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or migraine, tinnitus, stimulates blood circulation, relaxation through pressure relief
25 min. € 30,00
50 min. with back massage € 55,00

Hot stone massage
A combination of massage and energy treatment, ideal for insomnia and digestive problems. The healing power of heat in combination with oil and special massage techniques dissolves even persistent tensions and pain points.
Full body 50 min. € 72,00
Back 25 min. 38,00

Tuina massage: Ms. Dr. Weber € 115,00

For our young guests:

"As beautiful as a princess"
A full body massage for the young skin with an aromatic oil - these are pure holidays....
25 min. € 32,00

"For young prince"
A full body massage with an aromatic oil.
25 min. € 32,00

You’ve already found your favorite massage?

You can book your massage of choice before your arrival.Just send us an inquiry with your preferred times and we will prepare everything for you.

Inquiry  Beauty treatments

Our spa staff are complemented by external professionals: Dr. Liane Weber (core area cure/TCMTUINA) / Institut Röck (all kinds of manual treatments) / Sebastian Michaelis (physiotherapist)

Body treatments

Relax divinely and float genuinely free of pressures in Stern’s floating water bed – amazing spa treatments in Bad Hofgastein await you.

Wrapped into fleece the body receives luxurious care products at an even temperature including the diligent natural helpers: chamomile, hayflowers, jojoba, lavender, Gastein alpine herbs etc. Pure relief at the spa hotel Zum Stern in Bad Hofgastein.

Loosens the muscles, relieves rheumatic pain and spinal problems, the optimal preparation for a revitalizing massage or Stern back issue prevention applications
45 min. shower incl. € 48,00

Fango intensive nature
Targeted application to different aching parts of the body
45 min. shower incl. € 48,00

Fango pack in fleece pillow
Loosens up the muscles, relieves rheumatic complaints and spinal problems; the perfect preparation for a revitalising massage or a treatment of Stern's back prevention.
25 min. € 32,00

Hayflowers pack (loose hay)
Calming and anticonvulsant, suggested for arthritic issues
25 min. € 32,00

Petal packs
feel relaxed and pampered with herbs, lavender, chamomille, rose or orange petals. Invigorates your senses and rejuvenates your skin.
25 min. € 32,00

Evening primrose oil cream pack (also for men)
intensive cair for mature and dry skin
35 min. € 46,00

Laminara marine algae pack
Laminara algae have more skin-active ingredients than any othe natural product. It stores minerals and trace elements from the sea in a highly concentrated form and from them it produces special algal ingredients that it uses as a shield against any harmful effects - such as free radicals. Stimulates your metabolism as well as detoxing and draining your skin, as a result your body assumes a firm and beautiful silhouette.
40 min. shower incl. € 45,00


silky and soft

Exfoliation can increase the elasticity and firmness of the skin. The skin's own collagen and elastin production is boosted. The depth of wrinkles can be reduced and the absorption of active ingredients through the skin is improved. The effect of body treatments can be enchanced by a peeling and it reinforces care treatment.

Salt-oil peeling
Warm gentle peeling for achieving sublime, activates the blood circulation.
25 min. incl. shower € 35,00

Coffee peeling
Frees the skin from rejected cells, ideal for cellulite. Leaves a neat skin feeling.
25 min. incl. shower € 35,00

Spa Urlaub im Hotel Zum Stern

Peeling - Samtig und Weich

Ein Peeling unterstützt die Elastizität und Festigkeit der Haut. Die hauteigene Collagen- und Elastinproduktion wird aktiviert, das Erscheinungsbild der Poren sichtbar gemildert. Die Tiefe der Falten kann sich reduzieren. Der Effekt von Körperbehandlungen wird durch ein Peeling verstärkt, die Wirkstoffaufnahme der Haut optimiert.

Warmes sanftes Peeling zur Entschlackung, regt die Blutzirkulation an. Danach wird ein Besuch im Dampfbad empfohlen.
25 Min. inkl. Abduschen € 35,00

Befreit die Haut von abgestoßenen Zellen, optimal bei Zellulite. Hinterlässt ein gepflegtes Hautgefühl
25 Min. inkl. Abduschen € 44,00

Preisänderungen und Tippfehler vorbehalten

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