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Spa massage in Bad Hofgastein

Stern’s back issue prevention

Tun Sie sich und Ihrem Körper etwas Gutes mit einer Massage in Bad Hofgastein. Aktive Rücken-Präventation und geschulte Griffe für ganzheitliche Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden sorgen für nachhaltige Besserung aktueller Beschwerden.

Are you one of the many people with back tension or pains in the neck area?
Those that sit a lot or have high professional and family responsibility, in particular, suffer from such overstraining. Chronic back and neck pain, but also hip or knee pains, tiredness and headaches stem from the muscles and the spine in most cases.

Our treatment concepts

Myofascial treatment

We put together a particularly effective treatment for you at the Stern: Stern’s back issue prevention includes the myofascial treatment. The innovative myofascial application is not a massage in the traditional sense. Hardening and muscle tensions are released, and the spine is stretched through targeted deep tissue treatment. Blocked joints feel release and relief. The entire spine is also relieved through rotating movements combined with breathing techniques.

Main goals of treatment
The mobility of the connective tissue is improved as well as the flexibility of the surrounding muscles, relieving and preventing pain.

Significant effects
“When the muscles are back in balance, physical activity and sport are easier, the regeneration phases in your free time occur earlier and last longer. You feel stronger and your ability to concentrate increases. Overall, Stern’s back issue prevention leads to sustainable improvement of well-being.”

Myofascial treatment on inquiry
In case of muscle overstraining and stiffness, stress, chronic pain syndrome - intensive treatment to unblock the entire spine and to release tension. Muscles are relaxed through breathing exercises and rotating movements.
50 min. € 65


Stern’s back massage
Let go, delightfully relaxing
25 min. € 30

Aroma oil massage
Enjoy gentle relaxation with a stimulating massage
with essential oils of your choice
25 min. € 35
50 min. € 65

Full-body massage
Intensive massage for the entire body
50 min. € 60

Foot massage
The foot massage creates wellness throughout the entire body through stimulation of the reflex areas.
25 min. € 30

Purposeful reflexology dissolves blockages
30 min. € 42

Combined massage
A combination of reflexology and back massage
50 min. € 68

Honey massage
Detoxifies the body, harmonizes the lymphatic flow, improves skin blood circulation
(important: no sauna, herbal wrap or swimming before the treatment)
30 min. € 42

Ear candle treatment
Ideal for various colds, inflammation of the paranasal sinuses or migraine, tinnitus, stimulates blood circulation, relaxation through pressure relief
30 min. € 33
50 min. € 55

Hot stone massage
A combination of massage and energy treatment, ideal for insomnia and digestive problems. The healing power of heat in combination with oil and special massage techniques dissolves even persistent tensions and pain points.
Full body 50 min. € 72
Back 25 min. 38

Ayurveda massage for the whole body
50 min. € 69

Ayurveda face and neck massage
25 min. € 35

Tuina massage: Ms. Dr. Weber € 115


You’ve already found your favorite massage? You can book your massage in Bad Hofgastein of choice before your arrival. Just send us an inquiry with your preferred times and we will prepare everything for you.

There are even more spa treatments in Bad Hofgastein at our Hotel Zum Stern: Our Spa area Sternenreich offers more body and beauty treatments for your spa vacation in Bad Hofgastein.

Our spa staff are complemented by external professionals: Dr. Liane Weber (core area cure/TCMTUINA) / Institut Röck (all kinds of manual treatments) / Sebastian Michaelis (physiotherapist)

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