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Active vacation by hiking in Gastein

Through the woods, over the mountains, we go there with easy steps

Planning an active vacation? The hiking area in the Gastein Valley is situated in the Hohe Tauern National Park, Austria's largest protected area for flora and fauna. Waiting for you are: beginners walks, hikes, and challenging mountain tours. Explore new paths, discover mystery, get to know nature‘s architectural gems in this part of Salzburg. A hiking holiday in Bad Gastein and you collect, with every step, lasting impressions. Enjoy your hiking holiday from our 4-star superior hotel.

Unforgettable mountain experiences

  • get to know wild herbs during a „herbs hiking tour“,
  • feel power spots in the untouched Gastein nature
  • deep blue mountain lakes at Mirror lakes
  • colorful flower strewn alpine meadows at upper Bockhart lake
  • magnificent round panorama at the Glockner view on the Stubnerkogel
  • summit bliss in Zirbenwald (pine woods) at Graukogel
  • alpine breakfast at the Amoser high alp
  • unspoiled landscapes high in the National Park Hohe Tauern
  • gold digger paths from ancient times …

Nature at your fingertips

From June to late autumn you can enjoy at many of the 50 Gastein alpine meadows their homemade specialties and warm hospitality. Hiking is the best way to stay active during your vacation. The starting point to your hike may be our hotel or it is very close. You can use the Gastein mountain train to travel parts of your tour or make the descent easier by taking it from the summit station.

mountain view in Gastein

Popular hikes

in the Gastein Valley

Hike to Gadaunerer high alp

This is by far one of the most popular hiking trails in Bad Gaisten area.
Starting point: Angertal. Wildly romantic nature at 1,180 m lies ahead, over an old trail through the Angerwald towards Gadaunerer high alp. Ripe wild berries adorn the roadsides, a squirrel leaps in front of us. We climb over tree roots, looking down at the seething white-water swirling current in Nesslach, refresh ourselves with the cold fresh mountain spring water at the drinking water wells. Reached the tree line at 1,800 m, suddenly opens up a gorgeous, wide pastures area, where the cattle of the Gastein farmers graze during summer to produce good butter, cheese and milk. We stop here to enjoy a little of the real alpine products. The way home leads through colorful alpine meadows „Mahder “, over small bubbling streams. Back at the starting point in Angertal we go back to the hotel, where we relive the day, in nice round, on the sun terrace.

walking time: 4,5 hours
ascent and descent 650 Hm

hiking at Gadauner Hochalm
hike to the Upper Bockhart Lake

Hike to the upper Bockhart lake

The hiking bus takes us on the toll Gastein Alpine Road to our starting point, Sportgastein, at 1,600m (about 15 km), looking up, you can already see, on a ledge, the Bockhart’s hut flag. At the height of the old mine house, it goes up on a steep track.
In a short time, we are reaching good altitude. The first goal is a ridge, which allows a magnificent view of the Bockhart lake and back into the Gastein Valley. Just steps away is the Bockhart lake’s hut, with impressive views of the Tauern panorama. After a brief rest with the nice innkeepers who gave us a lot about „old times “ and a refreshing Holler (elder juice) we move on to the Upper Bockhart lake (2,076 m). On the way, we see slag heaps, all of which are consistently about half a millennium old, sometimes leads the way along the route of an ancient Roman road
A moderate hike in Bad Gastein area with steep stages.

walking time: 4 hours
ascent and descent 500 Hm

Hike to Stubner Alp

For this hike the starting point is the Anger Valley. We take the hiking bus. The bus stop is in front of the hotel, and the bus leaves at short intervals. The hike goes along a forest path towards the valley. After about 20 minutes along the Anger stream it goes uphill on a shady trail. After the Antonius Jagdhütte (hunting hut) we reach our goal: the Stubner alp at 1.806 m. Again, the milkmaid spoils us with many delicacies. We sit on the wooden terrace in front of the cottage, enjoy the tranquility, the earthy smell of the wet meadow and the wonderful panoramic view of the whole valley. Then we go back via the forest into the Anger Valley.

walking time: 4 hours
ascent and descent 600 Hm

hike to Stubner Alp
hiking holidays in Gastein

On the tracks of the Salzburg Alps

With the hiking taxi we go to Brandeben farmers 1,151 m (about 15 minutes). The hike goes from here to Bibera Alm 1,734 m (about 1.5 hours), after a short rest, we walk over to the Wiedner Alm 1,770 m. We cross the Alm creek and reach the Kerscher Alm. The path on the Hytonga trail leads down to the operating Fundner Heim Alm 1,380 m. A short rest and then we go over the bridge of the Leidalm creek (lowest point: 1,373 m) over forest paths up to the Brandner high alp 1.770 m. Above the tree line, it goes steeply uphill to the saddle (2,019 m) and past numerous small mountain lakes - zur Kleinen Scharte (2,070 m). The stage destination, the cable car mountain station Schlossalm is reached. It runs every hour back to the valley. This trail will definitely help keep your vacation active.

walking time: 5 hours
rise 600 m +700 Hm , descent 350 Hm

Other Salzburg Almenweg hikes:
"Romantic for high- and low pastures "
"Accompanied by chamois and eagles"
"on the sunny pastures"

Hike to the power spot on Fulseck in Dorfgastein is

One of the most picturesque hiking tracks in Bad Gastein.
The starting point is the cable car valley station in Dorfgastein (10 km). We take the „Fulseck“ gondola to the middle station Fulseck (1,450 m). From there we walk up to Mirror Lake, where we walk barefoot on the soft and mossy ground. An indescribable feeling in the legs, tingling goes through the soles of the feet. The loose riser on the lake is another highlight, test balance or feel cold seawater on the feet. The goal at the mountain station Fulsek (2,035m) rewards us with one of the best views. Over the power trail, which is peppered with small biotopes, we arrive at the Arltörl (1,797 m), one of the oldest crossings in the Gastein Valley. Far is here the view to the Großarl valley and on the other side to the Gastein Valley. The small chapel at this point of the hike tempts us to pause. Then it goes down to Heumoosalm (1,618 m). Fresh buttermilk and a good Almkas (alm cheese) wait there. The mushroom trail teaches us about the variety of mushrooms and at the end the middle station is almost reached. By train it goes back to the valley.

walking time: 4 hours
ascent and descent 630 Hm

hiking in fuseck