The best destinations and sights around Gastein

A day outside the valley

The Gastein Valley offers numerous activities to fill the weeks in both summer and winter. There are also numerous opportunities to discover the province of Salzburg outside the valley. Here are some of the most attractive destinations and sights around Gastein.


90 km

The enchanting baroque city of Salzburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world and probably the most fascinating of the urban sights near Gastein. With about 150,000 inhabitants, it is the fourth-largest city in Austria and an important cultural, trade fair and congress city, internationally known for the annual Salzburg Festival with world-famous performers on stage and celebrities in the audience. This sight near Gastein has since been included on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.
During a stroll through the historic city center, you’ll come across the city’s many different attractions
Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg Cathedral, Salzburg Residenz, Glockenspiel, Mozart Square, Pferdeschwemme, Mirabell Palace, Hellbrunn Palace with the water games and, not to forget, Getreidegasse with Mozart's Birthplace, which can be visited as a museum.
Whether on foot, in a horse-drawn carriage, by boat, bike, bus, alone or accompanied by a city guide - a trip to Salzburg is an absolute must and an experience that you’ll remember.

Tip: Enjoy free admission to 30 attractions and museums and other sights near Gastein with the 24-hour or the 48-hour Salzburg Card!

city of Salzburg
family park ghost mountain Gastein

For families:

Ghost Mountain for kids 35 km

Welcome to the alpine kingdom of funny ghosts! The alpine theme park on the mountain for the whole family, the perfect hiking experience in the spring, summer and fall. The gondola takes you up to Ghost Mountain into ghost village.
For the little ones: Spuki & Gspensti lead you through the speaking ghost gate into the four worlds of earth spirits, fire spirits, water spirits and air spirits. Where is the snoring dwarf, what is the dragon doing?

For the older ones: alpine amusement park with air swings, bird nests, climbing dragon, ghost tower, water games, ghost lake, shooting galleries, …
For the totally old ones: surefooted hiking trails and relaxation at Fairy Square

Giant Ice Caves

45 km

The largest ice caves in the world, the unique natural wonders near Werfen, are a protected natural monument. An impressive 134 altitude meters await you during a visit to the ice cave. Sounds tough, but the pure beauty of the ice sculptures and the impressive dimensions of the cave are reward enough for the effort of crossing this sight near Gastein.
Sturdy shoes and warm clothes, hat and gloves, are necessary. From the parking lot, you walk about 20 minutes to the cable car, the path from the cable car to the cave is another 20-minute walk. The tour itself takes about 1.5 hours.

Tip: This sight near Gastein is an absolute must see! It’s also destination for a rainy day or for cooling off on a very hot day.

Werfen Eisriesenwelten
Hohenwerfen Castle

Hohenwerfen Castle

45 km

The mighty Hohenwerfen Castle has been enthroned on a steep, mighty 155 m-high rock cone above Salzburg Valley for over 900 years. A castle tour includes a visit to the castle chapel, the pitch kitchen, the armory, the battlements, the bell tower and the adapted princely room. Visitors can receive exciting insights into medieval life.

Tip: The mystical castle tours, demonstrations of falconry and visiting Austria's first falconry museum are a must! A half-day should be planned for this sight near Gastein.

The gorges Taxenbachklamm and Liechtensteinklamm

18 / 35 km

Impressive and fascinating sights near Gastein – these two gorges truly are natural wonders. Their idyllic bays, breathtaking bridges and footbridges impress. Some of the rocks are so close to each other that only a small strip of the sky remains visible, accompanied by ghostly light and shade. Mighty, powerful waterfalls shoot down the cliffs. They pushed their way through rock faces over thousands of years. Sunbeams flutter in the glistening water mist.

Tip: A really special trip for the whole family. Schedule at least 1.5 hours for each gorge.

Grossglockner and Heiligenblut

45 km

How about a trip to Austria’s tallest mountain? The Grossglockner with the Pasterze, the country’s largest glacier, rises to an impressive 3,798 m. The dream of every climber is to see and to stand next to the gold-decorated summit cross.
The famous Grossglockner High Alpine Road certainly has a special place among all the sights in Gastein. It leads into the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park via 48 km of road, 36 bends and an altitude of up to 2,504 m. Be enchanted by a world of snow and ice, and also of blossoming alpine meadows, cool forests and craggy rocks. The destination of your journey is Kaiser-Franz-Josefs-Höhe, one of the most impressive sights around Gastein.

Tip: The tollgate in Bruck is 45 km away. If you drive along the entire High Alpine Road on the Carinthian side, passing Heiligenblut, down again, crossing the Mölltal and then taking the Tauernschleuse back to Gastein Valley, you can experience a wonderful day trip of about 165 km. Incidentally, Heiligenblut is referred to as the most beautiful mountain village in the Alps. According to the legend, a vial containing the blood of Christ is kept in the parish church. Especially worth seeing at this Gastein sight is the Gothic high altar.

Other destinations

Ferleiten Wildlife Park - 45 km
Salzburg Open Air Museum Grossgmain - 70 km
Silent Night Museum and Silent Night Chapel in Oberndorf - 105 km
Salzwelten (salt worlds) / Hallein Salt Mine - 65 km
Krimml Waterfalls - 60 km
Mountain reservoir lakes Kaprun - 50 km
Railway Museum in Schwarzach - 25 km
Summer toboggan run in Abtenau - 65 km

Set some time aside for these sights near Gastein during your summer or winter holiday at the STERN and find out what to do in Gastein from our team. We are looking forward to receiving your non-binding inquiry!

Gastein in summer  Gastein in winter

Großglockner in winter
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